Straight talking


Hopping into the car, I happily dialled Lonewolf on one hand, the other on the steering wheel.

HappyPuppy: “Babe, I’m done with my meeting. What’s the plan?”

Lonewolf: “We’ve finished lunch. I’m not sure what the guys are gonna be doing now…”

HappyPuppy: “Okay, are we going to meet up?” (Which for the life of me, I thought that was exactly what we were supposed to do. I mean, I said to him and I quote: ‘I’ll see how this meeting goes. Then I’ll meet you after wherever you are. I love you.’ AND I got an ‘Ok’ to that.)

Lonewolf: “Um, well, I’m still with the boys now. They mentioned they wanna hang out and do a couple of things together…”

HappyPuppy: “As in the kind of thing where I’m not invited? So are we meeting up or what?”

Lonewolf: “Er…I really don’t know the plan now.”

HappyPuppy: “I’m driving. Call me back when you do.”

Ten minutes later . . .

Lonewolf: “Babe, the guys are definitely hanging out. I’ll probably get home around 3pm and then head off to church at 4…It’s gonna be a bit tight. I think it’s best if you went home for lunch and to get some rest.”

HMPH. I stewed in that oven of a car, heated to high temperatures from the weather and my rising temper.

It boils down to the very bones of my simmering annoyance: Does my boyfriend want to see me or not? That is the question.

Now, I’m not an unreasonable woman. I’ve got nothing against guy time, work time, mum time, dad time, family time; basically all other times which my boyfriend doesn’t spend with me. But remember, a) I thought we had plans to spend time together, b) I thought he said okay.

So am I going to be annoyed when my boyfriend breaks those plans because he wants to hang out with the boys? Short answer, yes.

But what really, really annoys me is when I’m on the road driving with no idea where I should start heading to, and I just need to know what you want to do (because apparently we don’t have plans anymore), and that you’re going to be doing something else (which is fine), but please:

Don’t tell me it’s because someone else wants to do it. Not you.

Hello, are you my boyfriend or are they my boyfriend?

Thereupon I sulkily sketched out above picture on my iPhone. By the time I was done though, I was giggling from the expression on the faces that I’d drawn up.

I hit send.

Horrors! I called him up after to try to explain. Luckily for me, I have a wonderfully patient boyfriend who finds the funny side to most things, even when I’m being a sulky, not-fun-to-be-with girlfriend.

“Babe, there’s so much I wanna tell you about today…Some of which paints you in very good light.”

I cringed. “I don’t suppose that good light holds up now that you realise I was angry at you right?”

“Oh. Right.”

So much for being a saint.

Do you face the same issues in your relationship? When you want straight answers and you don’t get them?


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