FIQ’s Gastronomy, Subang Jaya

Why, hello!

Blog virgin and all, and since I’m a Subang girl born and bred, it seems fitting that I pop the cherry in my hometown.

A friend of mine casually mentioned that there was a new kid on the block: FIQ’s Gastronomy (FIQ stands for Food, Innovation, Quality; in case you were curious). When my sister seemed in need of some sisterly time a couple of days back, I jumped at the chance to try out this place.

We drove up on a quiet Thursday afternoon. The moment we walked in, I did a little happy dance inside my head. This café’s ambiance checks most of my boxes: breezy, laid back, colourful, greeeeat sunlight streaming in . . .


Less than a month old, FIQs Gastronomy looks right and feels even better. Like your cheerful best friend who gives you lots of space until your latest relationship falls apart, and he lets you cry until your eyes are all puffy and your nose is dripping.

Then the food comes out.

And you realise you’re actually in total love with your best friend instead.


I mean, just look at that presentation. Simple. Comforting. Beautiful. Love as it should be.

Reading the menu, I was intrigued. There’s been a rash of Melbourne-inspired cafés popping up all over KL lately, and this one hasn’t taken the exact same route when it comes to their food. I got to chatting with Shahaman, the friendly restaurant manager, who shared that FIQ’s was modeled after Brooklyn cafés instead.

Good, I thought. Since I haven’t been there, I won’t have any idea or expectations on what the food will be like.

We went with the roasted gnocchi starter and the salted beef sandwich.


The roasted gnocchi was an interesting play in flavours. Square cut pieces of potato dough, capers raisin emulsion, thin crispy fried strips of mushrooms, ground-up hazelnut and . . . olive oil powder??

Yep, that white sprinkling on the corner of the dish? It’s not ricotta, or feta, but olive oil powder. I had fun popping pieces into my mouth and letting it dissolve into an oily paste. Imagine having cotton candy, but savoury rather than sweet.

Like I said, interesting dish, but it was more fun than anything else. What really got my attention though, was this:


The salted beef sandwich.

I had to try their breads after finding out that they bake it themselves. They didn’t disappoint.

Thick, fluffy slabs of buttery, white bread. The crunch from fresh lettuce and sweetness of ripe, firm tomato slices. Hot miso mustard spread. And those generous chunks of tender, juicy, salted beef; air-flown chilled from Australia.

I had a foodgasm in my mouth from the very first bite of this deliciousness. Screw it FIQ’s, I’m sold on your café. I would go back just for this. To try everything else on your menu, too (duck tagliatelle, imma gobble you up next).


And for the cheery, happy smiles I get there 🙂


Say hello to the kitchen crew! You get to see them hard at work in the large open kitchen.

One more thing:

What makes FIQ’s location unique is the amount of space that they have, compared to most other cafés around KL. Outside, parking doesn’t look like it will be a problem – a huge plus point for me! I’m sure it will be for everyone else, too 😉


 Don’t forget to snap a picture with that gorgeous mural of the Brooklyn Bridge outside. I got lucky its artist was at work when I was there that afternoon. If for nothing else at all, this place is worth driving to just for photos.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


FIQ’s Gastronomy
34 Jalan SS19/1D, Subang Jaya
Tues-Sun, 12pm-10.30pm
(Desserts only between 3pm-6pm)
Tel: 03-5613 0473


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